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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is octoctapharma located?

Octapharma has grown into a truly global company providing life-enhancing therapies to patients in 118 countries. 96 Nizami str., The Landmark III UL. Chodkiewicza 8 lok.U12 Parque Empresarial de San Fernando Edif. Dublin – 2ª Planta

Are your Octapharma plasma donation centers open?

All Octapharma Plasma donation centers are OPEN normal hours for those able to make plasma donations. Please continue to monitor your e-mail and check our Facebook Page for current information regarding the status of your center. April 17, 2019 Marks World Hemophilia Day! April 21, 2019 is the 29th year we've celebrated World Hemophilia Day!

What is your review of Octapharma plasma?

Start your review of Octapharma Plasma. This place has done a complete 180 since I started going there almost 2 years ago now. They are very polite and and efficient and know their clients on a first name basis. The have new soap dispensers hand dryers in the bathroom and in the event that you forgot your mask, they will provide you with one.

Why work for Octapharma?

As COVID-19 began to spread across the globe, Octapharma went the extra mile to secure that we could continue to deliver our products to patients. We sponsor and support organisations worldwide. Our global presence offers you a great opportunity to gain international experience. Every employee contributes to the ongoing success of the company.

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