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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the REST API in octane?

The REST API. ALM Octane is an entity-relationship application. Using the ALM Octane REST API, developers can retrieve and perform CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations on the entities that are available in the ALM Octane graphical user interface.

How to create a new entity in Alm octane?

For creating a new defect, the POST method is used. For creating a new entity using the REST API of ALM Octane, the POST method need to be used. Additionally, the payload for the data need to be passed in the POST request.

What programming languages can be used with ALM octane REST API?

For all users who enjoyed the simplicity of Visual Basic using ALM/QC API (OTA Library), Python is a great option. Python offers json and requests modules to allow easy interaction with the ALM Octane REST API.

Is octane no longer supported?

Please note that Octane is retired and no longer maintained. For more accurate results, start the browser anew before running the test. Richards ... Core language features ... ... ... ... ...

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