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Frequently Asked Questions

What is octane lending?

Octane Lending. Octane Lending is a point of sale financing platform focused on niche secured consumer lending markets. I lead overarching corporate strategy, product design, and capital markets. We are backed by Valar Ventures, Contour Venture Partners, IA Ventures, Berenson and Co., DreamIt Ventures, FinTech Collective, Third Prime Ventures and Rider Insurance.

What is octane rendering?

Octane Render is an unbiased renderer, meaning it makes photo realistic images. Octane Render uses the GPU, which makes it very, very fast. It can edit images 'on-the-fly', meaning changes will be updated realtime on the rendering window.

What is octane company?

Company Overview. OCTANe is a trade association fueling "innovation development" in Orange County and Southern California. By connecting people, capital and technology, OCTANe accelerates entrepreneurs and company development for Orange County's biomedical and information technology community.

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