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Frequently Asked Questions

Does octane booster really work?

Octane boosters allow the engine to achieve full compression without the danger of pre-ignition. It makes the vehicle appear as it having more power in its gas. Octane boosters do not add power but just regulates pre-ignition. Here now are the basics of how does octane boosters work.

Is octane booster bad for your engine?

NOS Racing Formula Octane Booster. Once the compression in the engine reaches a certain point, the gasoline will start to ignite without the need of a spark plug. And if you ignite it too early, it causes pre ignition or knocking, which is very bad for the engine and results in a loss of power.

How do you increase octane in fuel?

There are two ways to increase the octane number of a fuel. One is to put special additives into the fuel which discourage auto ignition, and the other is to blend high-octane fuels in with the ordinary petrol.

What is 104 octane boost?

Octane Boost 104+ increases the octane effect up to 5 points. Restores horsepower for more power and a smoother running engine, eliminates hesitation and stalling and smoothes rough idle. Improves the performance of any fuel, even super unleaded and reformulated gas blended with methanol and ethanol.

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