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Frequently Asked Questions

Is octane booster bad for your car?

Octane Boosters… Too high octane may not be good for your car. The older engines could not regulate the air/fuel mix going into the engine as efficiently as a computerized fuel injector. A carburetor in need of adjustment could cause too much fuel to be mixed with the air, which meant the petrol cannot burn completely.

Will octane booster really help?

Purchasing an octane booster will help give your vehicle protection from low octane issues. It will also improve the vehicle's overall engine efficiency , making sure that the fuel in the cylinder ignites the way it needs to.

Will octane booster damage your engine?

In some situations, excessive compression could result in pre-ignition. And it is really dangerous as pre-ignition might damage the engine of your car if there is no ignition suppression. Octane booster allows the engine to get full compression without the risks of pre-ignition.

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