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Frequently Asked Questions

How many 4K Ultra HD wallpapers and backgrounds does Apex Legends have?

Enjoy our curated selection of 1 4K Ultra HD Octane (Apex Legends) Wallpapers and Backgrounds.

Is there a live wallpaper for Octane mains?

To all my octane mains out there, made a live wallpaper for a friend and decided i'll share it with you all! Here is the google drive link for the wallpaper: EDIT: Credit to the creator of the image used:

How many legend skins are there for Octane?

There are a total of 67 Legend skins for Octane; 19 Legendary, 9 Epic, 24 Rare and 16 Common.

How does octane get his endless supply of STIM?

Octane has a dialysis machine on his belt that filters his blood. This is why, in-universe, he can take stim so frequently and recover. Octane's endless supply of stim comes from Silva Pharmaceuticals, which his dad owns. However, his dad does not care about him enough to give him stim, so he just takes it.

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