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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you convert from decimal to octal?

To convert a decimal fraction to octal, you must multiply the fraction by 8. Then, you need to extract the number(s) that appear to the left of the decimal point. The first number that is extracted will be the MSD and will follow the decimal point.

How to multiply octal numbers?

In multiplication of octal numbers a simple rule for multiplication of two digits in any radix is to multiply them in decimal. If the product is less than the radix, then we take it as the result. If the product is greater than the radix we divide it by the radix and take the remainder as the least significant digit.

How do you convert octal to binary?

Add zeros to the left of the last digit if you don't have enough digits to make a set of three. The binary number 10011011 has eight digits, which, though not a multiple of three, can still convert to octal. Just add extra zeros to your front group until it has three places.

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