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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CONCACAF qualification schedule for the 2021 World Cup?

Concacaf has released the schedule for the final round, which starts Sept. 2 and concludes March 30, 2021. The top three finishers automatically qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, while the fourth-place squad advances to the inter-confederation playoffs next June.

How many teams are in the CONCACAF Super Bowl 2020?

All 35 FIFA-affiliated national teams from CONCACAF originally entered qualification. Teams were seeded based on their July 2020 FIFA rankings. However, Saint Lucia later withdrew from the qualification competition, reducing the total number of teams to 34.

What is the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying third round?

Main article: 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification – CONCACAF Third Round. As a result of CONCACAF's revision to their World Cup qualifying format, the traditional Hexagonal has been expanded to eight teams for the final and decisive round.

What are the first standings tiebreakers in the CONCACAF?

The first standings tiebreakers are (1) goal difference, (2) goals scored and (3) most points obtained from matches between teams that are tied. The full list of tiebreakers follows below. 1. Mexico 2. Panama 3. Canada 4. Honduras

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