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Frequently Asked Questions

How many lines of symmetry does an octagon have?

The lines of symmetry divide a figure into identical pieces. If we observe, a regular octagon shows 8 lines of symmetry. Thus, a regular octagon has 8 lines of symmetry.

What is the symbolism of an octagon?

An octagon symbolizes that seen and that listened or to be in a low state of grace the influence of an idea or a simple project of the Universe. If you dream of an octagon written in a black board you will have a strange and useful company that will give you an idea to a great project of work.

What are the four types of symmetry?

Four such patterns of symmetry occur among animals: spherical, radial, biradial, and bilateral. In spherical symmetry, illustrated only by the protozoan groups Radiolaria and Heliozoia, the body has the shape of a sphere and the parts are arranged concentrically around or radiate from the centre of the sphere.

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