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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the sides of an octagon?

All eight sides of an octagon are equal in length, and all eight angles are equal in size. This uniformity creates a direct relationship between the length of a side and the octagon area. Simplify the "2+2*sqrt(2)" part of the equation by taking the square root of 2, multiplying the result by 2 and adding 2.

What angle do you cut wood to make an octagon?

360 degrees in a circle divided by 8 for your octagon is a 45 degree angle divided by 2 for your mitre cut is 22.5" on your saw. doesn't matter if its a 2" circle or a 22" circle. you just need to determine the length of your parts.

How do you calculate Octagon size?

for octagon we know it has eight sides and eight angle ,length of each side and measurement of each angle is equal . So area of octagon is calculated by dividing it into eight small isoscale triangle.after calculating area of one triangle we multiply it by 8 hence we get area of octagon.

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