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Frequently Asked Questions

Is octagon a quadrilateral?

No, an octagon is not a quadrilateral. A quadrilateral is a closed shape with four vertices and four sides and an octagon has 8 sides and 8 vertices. What is the Angle Measure of the Angles that form the Corners of an Octagon? The interior angle at each vertex of a regular octagon is 135°.

What is the formula of an octagon?

The Math. A regular octagon is an eight sided polygon where all of the sides are the same length (s), with a height (h), one can create a octagon shaped object (e.g. column or planter) such as an octagon column is derived by the following formula: Where the Area =`2(1 + sqrt(2))*s^2` for an octagon.

What is an example of an octagon?

The definition of an octagon is an eight-sided, eight-angled figure. An example of an octagon is the shape of a stop sign in the US.

What is the interior angle of a regular octagon?

This means that each interior angle of the regular octagon is equal to 135 degrees. Each exterior angle is the supplementary angle to the interior angle at the vertex of the polygon, so in this case each exterior angle is equal to 45 degrees (180 - 135 = 45).

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