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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate Octagon size?

for octagon we know it has eight sides and eight angle ,length of each side and measurement of each angle is equal . So area of octagon is calculated by dividing it into eight small isoscale triangle.after calculating area of one triangle we multiply it by 8 hence we get area of octagon.

What is the formula for an octagon?

The Math. A regular octagon is an eight sided polygon where all of the sides are the same length (s), with a height (h), one can create a octagon shaped object (e.g. column or planter) such as an octagon column is derived by the following formula: Where the Area =`2(1 + sqrt(2))*s^2` for an octagon.

What is the measurement of an octagon?

The octagon has 8 sides and we plug this value into our formula: S = 180(8 - 2) = 1080°. Hence the sum of the measures of the interior angles in an octagon is 1080°.

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