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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the octagon barn for your event?

Make your event stand out at the The Octagon Barn. A flexible venue which can be dressed to suit your specific requirements. Situated just 5 miles east of Norwich city centre within a private parkland. “If there’s one thing our guests at the Friends of Norwich School Ball will remember, it is the venue.

Why choose octoctagon events?

Octagon Events – The perfect venue for Parties, Balls, Weddings, Fairs, Workshops, Concerts, Business Conferences. Set in 25 acres of parkland and located just 5 miles from the centre of Norwich and just 1 mile from the A47 by pass.

Where to get married in Oconomowoc?

Barn at Trinity Peak The Barn at Trinity Peak is a historic and award-winning wedding venue in Oconomowoc that presents a perfect setting for an elegant and rustic wedding.

What makes the barn at Windy pine the perfect wedding venue?

The Barn at Windy Pine is a rustic 19th-century barn that has been restored to its former glory and transformed into a beautiful wedding venue. The family-owned and operated property offers the use of the barn for ceremonies and receptions of up to 250 guests and has neutral hues allowing it to be decorated in any way.

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