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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Octagon Barn in Gagetown?

In an effort to save the barn, a group of Gagetown residents, who eventually became known as Friends of the Thumb Octagon Barn, held the first Octagon Barn Festival in 1994. Their efforts paid off, and the Friends took ownerships of the land housing the Octagon Barn and other outside buildings and began restoration work.

What is the biggest event in Gagetown Michigan?

Fall Family Days The biggest event of the year, Fall Family Days draws approximately 15,000 to the Gagetown area each year, according to Michigan Live, and serves as the main Octagon barn festival. Fall Family Days take place over a weekend in early September, kicking off with a fish supper and barn dance on Friday night.

Where is the Thumb Octagon Barn Agricultural Museum?

The Thumb Octagon Barn Agricultural Museum is located in Tuscola County approximately 1 mile east of the Village of Gagetown along Bay City Forestville Road, 1 mile north on Richie Road, just south of the Huron County border.

What can I do with the Octagon Barn site?

We graciously accept donations for site tours; they are used for site improvements and additions. Also, the Octagon Barn site can be reserved for large group picnics, reunions, and other group gatherings. Guidelines, expenses and restrictions can be obtained by calling 702-826-1908 or use the Contact page to reach the Events Chair.

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