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Frequently Asked Questions

What does OCA stand for in law?

OCA stands for Originating Agency Case Number. This number is typically used in conjunction with your ORI number to tell FDLE not only why you need the background check and which overseeing state department to send it to, but which specific company or agency should receive access to the final results.

What are the benefits of OCA?

Oca Root: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits. Furthermore, oca is a good source of fiber, with a 100-gram portion of oca providing around 8 grams of dietary fiber. In addition to vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients, many oca varieties are also notable sources of anthocyanidins and other flavonoids.

What is the definition of OCA?

Definition of oca. : either of two South American wood sorrels (Oxalis crenata and O. tuberosa) cultivated for their edible tubers also : the tuber of an oca.

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