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Frequently Asked Questions

How early to arrive at O'Hare?

1. Re: How early to arrive at O'Hare? 90 minutes before departure should be adequate. 2. Re: How early to arrive at O'Hare? We were just through ORD four times last week, though all on United, so T1 only. We found things very calm, both coming and going. Departures were all early, but arrivals around 6:00pm.

How did O Hare get its name?

Designed to be the successor to Chicago's Midway International Airport, nicknamed the "busiest square mile in the world", O'Hare began as an airfield serving a Douglas manufacturing plant for C-54 military transports during World War II. It was named after Edward "Butch" O'Hare, the U.S. Navy's first Medal of Honor recipient during that war.

Why is O Hare called Ord?

The 7,600-acre airport we know as O'Hare started as a factory in 1942 for Douglas C-54 aircraft during World War II. After the conflict and the departure of Douglas, the field was renamed Orchard Field Airport after the nearby community of Orchard Place. O'Hare's three-letter IATA code of "ORD" is a vestige of this earlier name.

What terminal is American at O'Hare?

Arrivals Terminal: American Airlines uses Terminal 3 at O'Hare Airport. Some flights labeled as American Airlines are codeshare flights operated by other Airlines. As a result, the following terminals are used for codeshare flights labeled as American Airlines: Terminal 5.

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