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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return to an outage by County?

Once you click into a county, use the link titled "Return to Outages by County" to navigate up a level. Detail by County is listed below. Estimated restoration times may change as we work to restore power. Please check back regularly or refresh this page for updates.

How can I get updates about power outages?

Sign up to receive outage updates by text, email, or phone. We work to prevent outages and restore service, and maintain a critical facilities list. We clear vegetation around thousands of miles of power lines to maintain reliability.

How do I report a natural gas leak or power outage?

If your electricity is out, report it using the link below, or by calling 800.572.1131. We’ll restore power as quickly and safely as possible. Always stay away from downed power lines. Even lines that appear dead can be energized. Also, stay out of flooded basements. If you suspect a natural gas leak, get up, get out, and get away.

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