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Frequently Asked Questions

How to afford a NYC apartment?

How To Afford Living In NYC And Other Expensive Cities Housing: Know your priorities. Renting will likely be your biggest expense. ... Transportation: Walk, ride, bike or carpool. If you really want to save, do NOT bring a car. ... Daily spending: Keep a record. One great thing about a big city is the abundance of choice. ... Food: Plan meals ahead of time. ...

How to apply for public housing NYC?

Public housing applications can be done online at or in person at a NYCHA walk-in-center, which can be found here. When applying, the applicant will be able to choose their first and second borough choice, but cannot apply for a specific development.

How to apply for Section 8 housing in New York?

Section 8 application Buffalo, New York - How can I apply for Section 8 in Buffalo New York? Find your local PHA in Buffalo New York. Locate an open waiting list for Section 8 or Public Housing. Follow the housing authorities in instructions on how to apply and complete a Section 8 application.

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