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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in Launchpad Pro [Mk3] firmware update?

Creative capabilities expand with off-grid beats and new expression possibilities. Brand new in the v1.2 firmware update for Launchpad Pro [MK3] are new features that expand the creative and performance capabilities of the much-loved grid controller.

What is unquantised recording in Launchpad Pro [Mk3]?

The first of the new features is called Unquantised Recording, which is activated by holding ‘Shift’ and pressing ‘Record Quantise’ while in the sequencer page of Launchpad Pro [MK3].

What is Launchpad Pro?

Launchpad Pro is the most integrated grid controller for Logic Pro, with unique access to Logic’s Live Loops. Trigger cells from the grid, navigate projects easily, and get hands-on with producing and performing. Create quickly with Note and Chord modes and record directly to cells, then mute, solo, record arm and stop tracks.

Does Launchpad Pro work with Ableton Live?

Ableton Live 10 Lite is included If you already have Ableton Live it must be version 10 or greater to work with Launchpad Pro. We recommend that you update to the latest version as previous versions of Ableton Live do not include Launchpad Pro integration with Live. Launchpad Pro will also work as a standard MIDI controller.

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