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Frequently Asked Questions

How to update Launchpad Mk2?

Connect the Launchpad MK2 directly to the computer (avoiding any USB hub) while holding the four top right buttons on the unit. This will engage the Launchpad’s Bootloader mode, and the Launchpad should display as followed: 3. Find the Launchpad MK2 Updater in the downloads folder, enter this folder so that the Launchpad MK2 Updater .dmg is shown.

How do I download the launchpad Mk2 SysEx file?

Open the MIDI-OX software and open Midi Devices, selecting the Launchpad MK2 under both Midi Inputs and Outputs. 4. Navigate to Actions > Send > SysEx file and navigate through your Downloads folder (if you downloaded the Firmware Updater to a different folder please navigate to your preferred folder) to select the Launchpad MK2 SysEx file.

How do I download Novation V station?

The download link for your copy of Novation V Station can be found inside your account, under the ‘Downloads and Activation Codes’ tab. Melodics is a desktop app that teaches you to play MIDI keyboards, pad controllers such as the Launchpad, and drums. This interactive learning process is a fresh alternative to traditional music theory lessons.

Do Novation apps and software come free?

Our apps and software come free with most Novation products, but you can also purchase them separately through our web store. Register your hardware to access your software today. FAST plugins are carefully crafted, accessible tools powered by AI technology that are designed to keep you in the creative flow and get polished results easily.

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