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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose imaging at Northwell?

And as part of an integrated network, our experts work together with other world-class Northwell specialists to provide seamless care from start to finish. Imaging is your first stop on the road to better health, and we’re here to make sure there aren't any obstacles in your way.

How do I contact Northwell Health Imaging at Great South Bay?

Northwell Health Imaging at Great South Bay 620 Main Street Islip, NY 11751 Phone: (631) 439-7237 Fax: (631) 439-7290

What advanced imaging options are available in the radiology department?

The radiology department offers a variety of advanced imaging options, so your health care provider can choose the one that’s right for you. Image-guided procedures, such as an MRI-guided breast biopsy, use computer-imaging techniques to guide a needle into the breast to collect cells or tissue from a suspicious area.

How many residents does Northwell have?

With more than 1,800 residents and fellows each year, Northwell is training more physicians than any other health system in the country. We’re investing in the well-being of our communities through more than just extraordinary health care. Get the latest news. Read about what's new at Northwell and hear from our experts on a wide range of topics.

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