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Frequently Asked Questions

What is skilled nursing and rehab facility?

Skilled nursing staff consisting of RNs, LPNs, and certified nurses’ aides (CNAs) are available to provide 24-hour medical attention. Skilled nursing facilities are commonly used for short-term rehabilitative stays.

What are rehab facilities?

Unlike nursing homes which are residential in nature, rehab facilities provide specialized medical care and/or rehabilitation services to injured, sick or disabled patients. People in these facilities are typically referred by a hospital for follow up care after a stay in the hospital for surgery as an example.

What is nursing and rehab?

Rehabilitation nursing is a branch of the nursing field which is focused on providing care to patients who have been incapacitated by injury or illness. The goal of the nurse is to participate in a treatment program which will allow the patient to regain as much normal function as possible, thereby improving quality of life for the patient.

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