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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the public libraries in Northampton?

Northampton Public Libraries. Northampton has two public libraries, the Forbes Library in downtown Northampton, across from the gates of Smith College, and the Lilly Library, in the heart of downtown Florence. For library hours, special events at the libraries, to search for titles online or learn about the Friends of Forbes and Friends...

What does Northampton Open Media stand for?

Northampton Open Media, formerly Northampton Community Television, is a community media center and public access television station in Northampton, Massachusetts. We air locally in Northampton on Comcast Channels 12, 15, 23.

Why choose Northampton Public Schools?

With the guidance and leadership of a dedicated and talented staff of teachers and administrators, working in a community that supports and values education, the Northampton Public Schools have a history of providing high quality, comprehensive educational services from early childhood to twelfth grade.

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