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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I find out about a Northampton County parolee?

You can review Northampton county parole records and find out a lot about a parolee . Some things contained in the Northampton county parole files may be information about their punishment and their crimes. You might also get to review details about where they were held and the terms of their parole.

Where is the Northampton County Adult Probation Department located?

Adult Probation. Northampton County Court of Common Pleas. Northampton County Adult Probation is located in the Criminal Administration Building at 105 South Union Street, Easton, PA. The mission of the department is to provide the highest quality of protection to the community, while supervising offenders placed on county probation and parole.

What are Northampton County's criminal records?

Typically,Northampton county criminal records will show the criminal’s crimes, their probationary sentence, and the ruling justice department details who sentenced them. Along with that facts , you may see images , fingerprints, physical details about the probationer , and other details.

Will Northampton triple-murderer be released?

A Northampton triple-murderer will not be released but will be moved to an open prison, the Parole Board has decided. Phillip Austin was given three life sentences after pleading guilty to brutally murdering his wife, Claire, 31, children Kieren, eight, and Jade, seven, as well as their two dogs, at their Northampton home in July 2000.

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