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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a probate petition in Northampton County?

Email your probate request to: [email protected] Confidential DOCUMENT Form (CDF). Confidential INFORMATION Form (CIF). Confidential forms are ONLY required for Court filings containing confidential Information (See Public Access Policy).

How do I find a death record in Northampton County PA?

Death Records FROM 1893 to 1936, are available in the Northampton County, Register of Wills Office. Death Records AFTER 1936 must be requested directly from the State, Division of Vital records. Vital records Request: SUBMIT ONLINE or Vital Records Request Via Mail (FORM).

Who are the judges in Northampton County Court of Common Pleas?

Orphans' Court :: Northampton County Court of Common Pleas Court Home| Contact the Court| Español Judges Judge Michael J. Koury, Jr. Judge Stephen G. Baratta Judge Paula A. Roscioli Judge Anthony S. Beltrami Judge Craig A. Dally Judge Jennifer R. Sletvold Judge Samuel P. Murray Judge John M. Morganelli Judge Abraham P. Kassis Court Calendar

What does lap stand for in Northampton County PA?

Northampton County Bar Admissions Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program Language Access Plan (LAP) Information & Forms Criminal Court Arraignment / Pre-Trial Conference Criminal Trial Process Recovery Court Policy & Procedures Sentencing Summary Appeals Summary ARD Civil Court Arbitration program Status Conferences

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