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Frequently Asked Questions

What campgrounds are in the North Cascades?

The National Park Service operates five campgrounds within park boundaries, four of which can be accessed via the North Cascades Highway, including the popular Colonial Creek and Newhalem Creek Campgrounds. More spots to spend the night can be found in the larger national forests that surround the park, and like Mineral Park and Lone Fir.

Where is Colonial Creek North Campground in North Cascades National Park?

Colonial Creek North Campground in North Cascades National Park is a remote, yet bustling campground nestled in old growth forest. Located on the north side of State Route 20 near mile marker 130, there are 41 campsites that are surrounded by forest and located on Diablo Lake. The campground is located on the northern side of State Route 20.

Do you need a permit to camp in the North Cascades?

Permits are required for all overnight travel into North Cascades backcountry, and the Sahale Glacier Campground is one of the most sought after permits. At an elevation of over 7,500 feet, the six sites at Sahale Glacier Campground reveal an exposed and panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

What is there to do in the North Cascades?

Popular hiking endeavors from the campground include the Pyramid Lake Trail and the Sourdough Mountain Trail. For educational opportunities, the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center can be reached within a 10-minute drive from Gorge Lake.

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