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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the no Sunday football club?

The No Sunday Fútbol Club (NSFC) (formerly NSFC Strikers) was created when it was discovered that highly advanced players could develop and play against the best players throughout Arizona without having to play on Sunday. NSFC now has over 40 competitive teams playing at the highest levels of competition.

Why NSFC soccer club?

NSFC soccer club is also designed to take back the family by preserving the Sabbath (Sunday) day. We respect family time and values while at the same time providing our club with

What does Nos stand for in soccer?

The NOS simply stands for Never on Sunday. Santos is the Portuguese & Spanish word for Saints and is the name of a premier soccer club in Brazil. Santos is considered to be the most popular or favorite Portuguese soccer name by many sources. Santos was used in Arizona a few years ago by a soccer legend, Luis Dabo.

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