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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t you buy anything on Sundays in America?

The initial thinking was that Sunday was the day of rest, so many businesses shouldn’t be open on Sundays. For one reason or another, many of these laws — dubbed “Blue Laws” — have now been repealed, to the point where the only things you can’t buy on Sundays in the vast majority of places are cars and alcohol.

Which businesses are exempt from Sunday trading?

Exempt are bakeries, DIYs, garden centres, gas stations and smaller supermarkets. Prior to 1994, trading laws forbade sale of certain products on a Sunday; the distinction between those that could and could not be sold was increasingly seen as arbitrary, and the laws were inadequately enforced and widely flouted.

Are car dealers allowed to operate on Sundays?

In the vast majority of the United States, car dealers are legally permitted to operate on Sundays, so many people don’t even know this goes on. But indeed, it does go on, and it’s been the law in two U.S. states where I personally have lived: Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Why can't you buy alcohol on Sunday in some states?

Even if Sunday sales are allowed, some states don't allow alcohol sales until noon. These restrictions are relics of Prohibition and Blue Laws, which were designed to keep Sundays a holy day.

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