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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest scoring NHL playoff game?

In the modern era, the record for highest-scoring NHL game is held by the Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks. In the 1980s, the Oilers were on fire, thanks in no small part to center Wayne Gretzky, rightly considered the best player of all time.

How many NHL teams are in the NHL?

in: How many NHL teams are there? The National Hockey League (NHL) currently consists of 30 teams, 24 of which are based in the United States and six in Canada.

What channel is the NHL playoffs on?

The NHL Playoff games will be broadcast on NBC affiliate channels again this year: NBC, NBCSN, CNBC, NBCSports, USA, and the NHL Network. Two of the Round 1 games on April 18 will be broadcast on the Golf Channel.

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