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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to create a school newspaper?

-Newspaper Template (Title,Author, Favorite Character and why, Setting, Best part of book, Quick Summary, Recommendation) - Postca An easy to use template using Microsoft Word which is all set up to edit the text to create your own classroom or school newspaper.

What makes a good template for a kid newspaper?

The cartoon characters all over and fun fonts make the template a coveted piece for kid newspapers. There are spaces for realistic images as well. The generous share of images has made the entire presentation more attractive.

Can I use the newspaper article templates in my classroom?

Licensed for single classroom use; Google copy link may be distributed to students via Google Classroom.Includes fully editable header Newspaper Article Templates are easy, no prep worksheets that can be used for ANY subject area, writing assignment, or information gathering activity in your classroom.

How can I make writing a newspaper article Fun?

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE TEMPLATE (*Editable text!) Make writing fun! These templates will help students get more excited about writing a Newspaper Article. They can edit the text digitally on PowerPoint, move and add images to Newspaper/file otherwise alternatively you can print off the PDF version where students can fill in by hand! I hope this tem

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