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Frequently Asked Questions

Did diabolical serial killers exist early in America?

Diabolical and prolific serial killers existed early in America at a time when police were still devising investigative methods to link related murders. Newspapers reported the gory details of their crimes to a terrified, yet fascinated public. “FULL CONFESSION OF H. H. HOLMES, ” The Journal (New York, NY), April 12, 1896

Who was the Victorian-era serial killer known as cream?

A longhaired photographer who lured women by offering to take their picture, Mr. Alcala, 77, had been convicted of five murders in Orange County, Calif., and two in New York, all in the 1970s. In his true-crime history, “The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream,” Dean Jobb explains how a Victorian-era serial killer escaped arrest for so long.

Who was the first serial killer in America?

Micajah “Big” Harpe and Wiley “Little” Harpe terrorize the western frontier for years killing men, women, and children without discretion. Considered to be America’s first recorded serial killers. “FRANKFORT August 22,” Gazette of the United States, & Philadelphia Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA), September 20, 1799

Are serial killers made or unmade?

Killers are anachronisms whose primal instincts are not being moderated by the more intellectual parts of our brain. Perhaps it’s not that serial killers are made, but that the majority of us are unmade, by good parenting and socialization. What remains behind is these un-fully-socialized beings with this capacity to attack and kill.

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