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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I frame a newspaper clipping?

Last, but not least, a custom framing solution for the increasingly hard-to-find daily or weekly newspaper clipping. Go to Build your frame and choose “Newspaper” as your Art Type. We recommend you choose size 11x14. It’s likely that your header and article with matting will fit within that space. Choose your Frame Style & Mat Style.

How do I frame a magazine or newspaper article?

*As of May 2019, our options for custom framing magazine articles, newspapers, and online articles have changed. Simply select Article as your Mat Style in our Designer to frame in a single mat with multiple openings for the publication title and article. You also have the option of selecting from our 11 different paper types for printing.

How do you preserve old newspaper clippings?

Make a copy on the acid-free paper; the light from the copier or scanner is very intense, but it's not shining on the newspaper long enough to cause damage. Once you have your copy for framing, properly store your original newspaper clipping. Place your article flat inside a buffered, acid-free folder and put the folder inside the archival box.

What's new in Press framing?

Introducing Press Framing. We’ve added three new Art Types to the Frame Builder —Newspapers, Magazines and Online Articles—so that you no longer need to wonder how to frame these often odd sized pieces (or relegate them to wall plaques). Have a bunch of links that you’d like to turn into a statement Press wall?

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