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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you preserve old newspapers in a scrapbook?

Place older newspapers in a shallow baking dish and soak in distilled water for about 20 minutes. This will clean the paper, as well as help the paper regain rigidity; allow the paper to dry before use. Treated newspapers can still cause other paper in your scrapbook to yellow and decay. Place the newspaper in a page protector to keep pages safe.

How do you print a newspaper in a scrapbook?

The paper that newspapers are printed on contains lignin, an impurity that causes the paper to quickly deteriorate. Newspapers will either need to be scanned then printed or treated with spray before they are placed in a scrapbook. Print articles on archival paper with an antique finish to give the impression of a newspaper.

What are the best tips for scrapbooking photos?

According to "All Things Scrapbooking," you should choose colors that match the photo (if applicable). Decorate the empty spaces of the page around the article. This can include anything from decorative stickers bought from the store to letters that spell out the headline or numbers that list the date in the margins.

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