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Frequently Asked Questions

How advanced NLP algorithms are transforming the news industry?

The advanced NLP algorithms are capable of not only processing the information but also in generating the articles for news aggregators or analytics resources. The crawler bots are able to scan the information on the internet, to sort out the relevant information and to create a press release or a news article.

What is NLP and how does it work?

NLP is a set of complex algorithms by which the computer is trained to understand human language. Basically, it includes splitting the text into minor units and analyzing the connections between them. Please refer to this article for more information. However, news app development is not only a mere understanding of the text.

How does NLP work with news titles?

From our past NLP industry experience, we have learned that news titles tend to have key information that helps AI make correct decisions. Thus, given a news document, the model generates a separate vector representation for the news title and body and then combines them to make a binary prediction.

How to use text data in NLP?

To use any text data in NLP applications, we have to convert the text into the numbers as computers have difficulty to understand the words. Before doing this, we should clean and normalize our text. This step transforms our text into a more simple and structured form so that machine learning algorithms can perform efficiently and better.

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