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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Newsarama a reliable source of Comic News?

Newsarama has been quoted as a source of comic news by the mainstream media, including The New York Times. In 2006, Entertainment Weekly listed Newsarama as one of its "25 favorite online entertainment sites" in 2006 and as one of its "100 Greatest Websites" in 2007. Newsarama originally maintained a registered member forum known as [email protected]

What happened to Newsarama?

Newsarama was acquired by the Imaginova corporation in October 2007. When Brady left the site in July 2009, Doran and Lucas Siegel stepped up to run it, with Siegel taking the position of Site Editor. The site was acquired by TopTenREVIEWS in October 2009.

What makes Newsarama cool?

Newsarama loves comics, action movies, sci-fi and TV shows no one watches. No, really. This makes us cooler than everyone. Newsarama has news, interviews, & exclusives. If it's too fantastic for words, were likely arguing about the finer points of it's coolness.

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