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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the news quiz become downloadable?

As of 28 September 2007, The News Quiz became downloadable as part of the "Friday Night Comedy" podcast feed for Radio 4. The podcast switches between The News Quiz and The Now Show, depending on which show is being transmitted.

What's in the news quiz?

Lighting up every episode of The News Quiz are funny stories, misprints and typos sent in by listeners. They come filled with double entendres, mind-bending images and plain old smut and here are 50 of the very best.

Who read the news quiz cuttings?

On 28 June 2013, the News Quiz paid tribute to Radio 4 announcer Rory Morrison, who used to read the news cuttings on the programme.

How is the BBC Breakfast programme recorded and broadcast?

The programme is usually recorded in front of an audience on Thursday evenings at the BBC Radio Theatre at Broadcasting House in central London. It is then edited and broadcast first on Friday evening at 18:30, then repeated on the Saturday lunchtime. The final 28 minute show is significantly shorter than the original recording.

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