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Frequently Asked Questions

What is newsnews break-local&breaking?

News Break - Local & Breaking is a way to view some of the latest news on the internet. The application fails to stay up to date on the latest news but does have recent articles available for you to view. This makes the app’s reliability questionable, but it still has its usefulness.

What devices does newsnews break-local&breaking support?

News Break - Local & Breaking is available for Android 5.0 and up as well as iOS 9.0 and later. Is there a better alternative? Yes. This application is full of issues that make it unusable.

What is local news?

Local news is different from national headline news. NewsBreak believes that local news helps bring neighborhoods together around the unique stories they share in common. And only local, small news has the unique ability to meaningfully inform the decisions we make throughout the day. Are there any weather alerts in my area?

What is the newsbreak app?

Join the 45M+ locals across the U.S. that trust NewsBreak as their #1 local news app! • Get local news, traffic, events, local weather, and more in a curated daily briefing. • Live stream news on local channels: follow local news, events, and activities. • Get local weather reports and traffic updates at a glance.

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