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Frequently Asked Questions

What does wt acronym stand for?

Acronym Definition WT Weight WT Wild Type (genetics) WT World Trade WT World Tour WT War Thunder (game) WT What The … WT Wall Thickness WT Wilcoxon Test WT Warrant (stock market) WT Walk Through (boat style) WT Wire Transfer (financial transaction) WT Wind Tunnel WT Washington Times WT Wing Tsun (martial art) WT World Traveler WT White Trash WT

Why choose the WT group?

For five decades, the WT Group has helped clients solve an expanding universe of engineering and design challenges with single-source solutions maintaining the integrity, quality and expectations of all projects from beginning to end.

What is the difference between wt% and mass fraction?

wt% of a species is a common way to refer to the mass fraction of the species times 100. Mass fraction of a species is the mass of the species divided by the total mass of all species. wt% means weight percent which is sometimes written as w/w i.e. [ weight of solute/ weight of solvent*100 = percent of solute in the solution].

What is discover wt and one west?

During Game Days you can be a part of WTAMU campus life and tradition. Discover WT is an interactive and exciting way to experience West Texas A&M University. One West is the comprehensive fundraising campaign designed to fuel WT 125: From the Panhandle to the World.

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