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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the New England Patriots stats?

TEAM STATS 332 TOTAL FIRST DOWNS TOTAL 1ST DOWNS 339 143 157 32 FIRST DOWNS 1ST DOWNS Rushing Passing By Penalty 131 187 21 76 / 186 THIRD DOWN CONVERSIONS 3RD DOWN CONVERSIONS 76 / 186 9 / 17 FOURTH DOWN CONVERSIONS 4TH DOWN CONVERSIONS 9 / 16 5236 TOTAL OFFENSIVE YARDS 5660 979 5.3 OFFENSE Plays Average Yards 982 5.8 2346 TOTAL RUSHING YARDS 2103 More items...

What was the New England Patriots final score?

The New England Patriots defeated the Chicago Bears with a final score of 23-22 in their second preseason game.

When is the New England Patriots bye week?

The New England Patriots are on bye Week 11 for the 2018 NFL Season. Notable New England Patriots Players. Tom Brady - QB. Jimmy Garoppolo - QB. LeGarrette Blount - RB.

What year did the New England Patriots go undefeated?

New England Patriots go undefeated in NFL regular season. The only other team to have achieved this feat was the Miami Dolphins in 1972, who were 14-0 due to a different regular season structure at the time.

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