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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Netspend headquarters?

Netspend Corporation, which also operates under the name Netspend, is located in Austin, Texas.

Is NetSpend a prepaid card?

Issued by Inter National Bank and MetaBank, the NetSpend Card is a prepaid card that is available either as a MasterCard or a Visa card. Depending on your choice as a consumer, you can use your MasterCard or Visa prepaid card at any online or retail location that these cards are accepted.

How do I Activate my Netspend card?

In order to activate a NetSpend card, click on the "Activate Your Card" link on the home page of the NetSpend website and create a user account, or call (866) 387-7363, as of 2015. After activating the card, users can then add money to their prepaid card.

Where can I reload my Netspend card?

Reload Locations. If you want to add cash to your Netspend card, you can visit any of the 130,000 reload locations throughout the U.S. You can find the nearest location using the Netspend website or mobile app. Many dollar stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers participate in the reload network, and most charge a reload fee of $3.95.

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