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Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock Netspend account?

How do I unlock my account on netspend? A Netspend account will become locked if you give the wrong PIN three times, if the card has expired, or the card has been reported as lost or stolen. The fastest way to get your Netspend account unlocked is to contact their customer service via phone (1- or email ([email protected]).

Is NetSpend a checking account?

Full Answer. NetSpend allows users to have their paychecks and government refund checks deposited directly onto their check cards. For people who do not want to open an official checking account with a local bank, but still want access to a debit card and the opportunity to withdraw from an ATM, NetSpend provides that free of charge.

Is Netspend checking or savings?

Netspend cardholders who have checking or savings accounts at virtually any bank located in the United States can transfer funds from their bank accounts directly into their Netspend debit card accounts. If a cardholder's bank has online services, this is easy to do online.

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