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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my Netscape email address be?

It should be your full email address, including Some email clients may require you to use an app password instead of your Netscape password. Once generated, enter the app password in the Password field in your email client.

How to change Netscape email password?

“My Account” section, click on “Change Password” tab to change netscape email password. enter your new password on that particular screen. with the guidelines of new password, then they can call on the Netscape email tollfree number, which is available 24*7.

How do I Change my Netscape ISP supported settings?

Remember to use the Netscape ISP supported configuration below while updating your mail settings. Step 1: Find the mail server settings in your email application. These settings can usually be found under an account settings menu in your application. Then, go to step 2 to change your mail server and port settings.

How do I get email from Netscape to AOL?

The simplest way is to visit and sign in with your full email address (including the @ netscape .com) and password. Added security. Custom settings. Better support. Click to read full answer. Then, how do I get Netscape email? 1 Go to your mail app, choose settings and add a new email account. 3 Choose pop3.

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