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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NHC Milwaukie medical clinic?

At NHC Milwaukie Medical Clinic, you will receive patient-centered, community-minded care no matter your ability to pay or current state of wellness. Our NHC clinic located in Milwaukie, Oregon offers team-based care for patients of all ages.

What is neighborhood health center?

Welcome to Neighborhood Health Center. We are a patient-center medical home utilizing a care team model to provide comprehensive and continuous high-quality coordinated care. Our clinical care teams include health care professionals such as a medical provider, dentist, nurse, medical assistant, clinical pharmacist,...

Where is the Providence Milwaukie clinic?

This clinic is located on the Providence Milwaukie Hospital campus on the third floor of The Healing Place. To access the parking lot, turn onto Llewellyn Street. There is no clinic signage on the main floor. The elevator or stairs to the left of the main entrance will take you up to the 3 rd floor. The clinic is in suite 325. Taking the Bus?

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