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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Baltimore Light Rail?

Light RailLink (formerly Baltimore Light Rail, and also known simply as the "Light Rail") is a light rail system serving Baltimore, Maryland, United States, as well as its surrounding suburbs. It is operated by the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA Maryland). In downtown Baltimore, it uses city streets.

Where is the light rail in San Jose?

VTA Light Rail (reporting mark SCCT) is a light rail system serving San Jose, California and its suburbs in Silicon Valley. It is operated by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, or VTA, and consists of 42.2 miles (67.9 km) of network comprising two main lines and a spur line on standard gauge tracks.

Does Denver have a subway system?

Denver's light rail rolling stock is known world-wide for their sparkly white appearance. One may wonder, why does a city the size of Denver not have a true subway system in the classic American Sense. Denver's only subway exists in Union station and alas sports no real transit other than the pedestrian type.

What is the NJ Transit light rail?

The Newark Light Rail (NLR) is a light rail system under New Jersey Transit Bus Operations serving Newark, New Jersey. The service consists of two segments, the original Newark City Subway (NCS), and the extension to Broad Street station.

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