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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are there FedEx drop off location?

FedEx Drop Off Pleasant Prairie WI 8400 Lakeview Parkway 53158 4.6 miles from Kenosha. FedEx Drop Off locations are places where you can drop off a prepaid package for delivery by FedEx.

Where is FedEx Office near me?

FedEx Near Me. FedEx, originally known as the Federal Express Corporation, is a courier delivery company in the United States. While they operate in many countries, the headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee. The company was founded in 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas, by Frederick Smith, who today serves as president, chairman and CEO.

Can you drop off FedEx at post office?

Don’t panic. If the Fedex box is in the same location, the mail carrier will drop it in the Fedex box for you, assuming they spot it. If not then when it gets to the post office someone will set it aside and see to it that the package gets to a fedex courier within a few days.

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