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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 20 NCAA football teams?

The Top 20 teams in College Football History 20) ’96 Florida Gators 19) ’91 Washington Huskies 18) ’69 Texas Longhorns 17) ’74 Oklahoma Sooners 16) ’47 Michigan Wolverines 15) ’00 Oklahoma Sooners 14) ’99 Florida State Seminoles 13) ’68 Ohio State Buckeyes 12) ’94 Penn State Nittany Lions 11) ’92 Alabama Crimson Tide 10) ’87 Miami Hurricanes

How many players are on a college football team?

A college team can have up to 125 players or more and the team roster will vary at each college. In fact, there is no rule restriction that limits the number of players that can dress out for an American college football game.

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