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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NBA shot NFT?

NBA Top Shot is an NFT that allows customers to buy a digital 'moment' from a game such as a spectacular dunk by Milwaukee Buck Giannis Antetokounmpo.

What is nbanba Top Shot?

NBA Top Shot is geared towards people who are curious about NFTs, but aren't necessarily crypto natives, allowing users to buy with NFTs easily in dollars, rather than with an established cryptocurrency.

What are Top Shot NFTS?

Unlike most NFTs, Top Shots aren’t ERC-721 tokens, instead these collectibles are NFTs on the Flow Blockchain, a blockchain created by Dapper Labs for NFTs. After Dapper labs clogged the Ethereum network in 2017 with Cryptokitties, they opted to create their own blockchain network for Top Shot.

What is the best wallet for NBA Top Shot NFTS?

Here are the best software and hardware wallets to store your NBA Top Shot NFTs. Dapper has its own unique software wallet you can store your NFTs on securely. The application is free to use, and you can create a new software wallet in just a few minutes.

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