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Frequently Asked Questions

What teams are playing in the NBA Finals in December?

Heat 16-11 Cavaliers 16-12 Dec 13· 7:00 PM ET Kings 11-16 Raptors 12-14 Dec 13· 7:00 PM ET Warriors 21-5 Pacers 12-16 Dec 13· 7:30 PM ET Bucks 18-10 Celtics 13-14 Dec 13· 7:30 PM ET Rockets 8-18 Hawks

What are the NBA schedule changes for the Brooklyn Nets?

Brooklyn Nets Schedule Updates ' Brooklyn Nets The NBA has announced the following changes to the Brooklyn Nets’ 2021-22 schedule. Raptors vs. Heat, Kyle Lowry's return to Toronto, moved up to Feb. 1 The Raptors had been set to play in Atlanta on Feb. 1 and host Lowry and the Miami Heat two days later. The NBA is wrestling with ways to re...

Who scored 25 points in the Lakers win over the jazz?

LOS ANGELES (AP) - LeBron James scored 25 points and Stanley Johnson had 10 of his 15 points in the fourth quarter to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a 101-95 win over the Utah Jazz on Monday night.

What time does the NBA schedule change for December 13?

Hawks 13-13 Dec 13· 8:00 PM ET 76ers 15-12 Grizzlies 16-11 Dec 13· 8:30 PM ET Hornets 15-13 Mavericks 12-13 Dec 13· 9:00 PM ET Wizards 15-12 Nuggets 13-13 Dec 13· 10:30 PM ET Suns 21-4 Clippers 15-12

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