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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you eligible to join Navy Federal?

You can now join Navy Federal without serving in the military. It is true that until 2017, it was hard to become a member of Navy Federal unless you were active military, Department of Defense worker, or a military retiree. Even honorably discharged veterans couldn’t join! However, the current membership rules are more open.

Is Navy Federal a good bank?

Navy Federal Credit Union is a great option for families nationwide with ties to the military. It’s a good fit for anyone looking for a brand known for providing a good customer service experience and offering a branch network.

Can I open a Navy Federal account online?

To continue enjoying all the features of Navy Federal Online, please use a compatible browser. You can confirm your browser capability here. Easy. Flexible. Secure. Easy. Flexible. Secure. Open Now open a navy federal checking account Not yet a member? Check eligibility and apply today.

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