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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a manuscript to Nature Medicine?

When submitting your manuscript, please read the following guidelines, which will help you through the submission and publication process. Make sure Nature Medicine is the most suitable journal for your work – Aims and scope Check that Nature Medicine accepts the content type you are working on – Content types

When will the Journal of natural medicines be issued?

The journal will be issued in January, April, July, and October each year. To find out more about publishing your work Open Access in Journal of Natural Medicines, including information on fees, funding and licenses, visit our Open access publishing page.

Can I submit a manuscript to BMC Medicine?

BMC Medicine is happy to consider manuscripts that have been, or will be, posted on a preprint server. Authors are able to submit their manuscripts directly from medRxiv, without having to re-upload files. BMC Medicine is accepting Registered Reports. Find out more about this innovative format in our Submission Guidelines.

Where can I get help with nature author services?

The experts at Springer Nature Author Services can help you. Get started and save 15%. Make your work immediately and permanently available online. Learn how to publish, peer review and collaborate with the online courses from Nature Masterclasses. Sample the courses for free.

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